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Developed pectoral muscles are extremely important for men. Big male chest attracts women as much as you – women., Exercises for the pectoral muscles, Fitness, Training, Exercises, Slimming, Sports, Active rest,

Developed pectoral muscles are extremely important for men. Big male breasts attract women as much as you – women. Instructions to increase the attractiveness in front of you.

Three facts about the chest that you did not know

1. The greatest probability of rupture of the pectoral muscles falls on the age interval from 20 to 30 years. The reason is ardent ego! Most of these injuries occur during an attempt to squeeze lying excessive weight in proud loneliness. Do not forget about the help of the insurer!

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2. Strong chest muscles – one of the reasons for stooping. By persistently training your chest and forgetting the principle of balanced training, sooner or later you will start to look like Quasimodo, pumped in places. The shortened chest muscles will tighten your shoulders, stretching and weakening the muscles of the middle and upper back. To counteract this, stretch your chest at the end of each workout and do not forget about traction movements.

3. By training your chest, you improve your abs. No kidding! Chest – one of the first muscles, losing volume during breaks in classes. It’s just that in ordinary life you practically do not make movements that look like dumbbell presses on an incline. And the loss of any muscles always negatively affects the rate of basal metabolism and, as a result, the appearance of the notorious “animal” cubes.

1. Push on parallel bars

Powerful control force

Pushing up on the uneven bars is an exercise for the muscles of the chest and triceps. Go to the rack on straight arms on the uneven bars, then slowly sink as low as possible. From the lower position, rise back to the starting position and tighten the pectoral muscles at the highest point. In this exercise, the more you lean forward, the more you put pressure on your chest. Therefore, try to guide your legs forward and your hips back. When this occurs, the center of gravity shifts forward, and the pectoral muscles get a greater load.

2. Breeding hands with dumbbells to the side while lying on a horizontal bench.

Lie on your back, on a horizontal bench. Raise the dumbbells above you in straight arms with your palms facing each other. Lower the dumbbells in a wide arc to the sides as low as possible, feel the ultimate stretching of the pectoral muscles. The palms should always face each other. To reduce the load on the elbow joints, hands can be slightly bent. Completely stop the movement of the arms with the dumbbells at a point below the bench, stretching the chest muscles to the limit. Then lift them in the same wide arc, trying not only to squeeze the dumbbells up, but as if you want to hug someone tightly. By lifting the dumbbells to their original position, reduce the pectoral muscles as much as possible to give them extra load. So they will work even harder.

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3. Breeding hands with dumbbells to the side while lying on an inclined bench

Stretch your chest

This exercise is performed in the same way as raising hands with dumbbells to the side while buy injectable steroids credit card lying on a horizontal bench. The difference is that you are lying on a bench raised on one side and your head is above your hips. Lie down on the bench. Dumbbells lift vertically up, fully stretched arms, palms facing each other. Lower the dumbbells to the sides in a wide arc, palms facing each other, elbows can be slightly bent. Lower the dumbbells until they are below the bench to stretch the pectoral muscles well. In the same wide arc, raise your hands up again, as if you were hugging someone. Do not pull the dumbbells together and then squeeze them vertically upwards. At the upper point, tighten the pectoral muscles to minimize them.

4. Bench press from a prone position on a horizontal bench.

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Pressing a barbell from a prone position is a fundamental, very difficult exercise for the upper body. With the help of it you can achieve growth, strength and muscle density, not only the chest muscles, but also the front deltoids and triceps. Lie on your back, on a horizontal bench so that your legs touch the floor for stability. The grip should be medium (the distance between the palms should be such that when lowering the bar to the chest, the forearms are directed vertically up, perpendicular to the floor). Remove the bar from the rack and hold it above your arms in straight arms. Slowly lower the barbell, constantly controlling movement, until it touches your body at a point slightly below the pectoral muscles. So that the chest muscles are fully involved, the elbows are directed to the side during the exercise. At this point the boom should stop completely. Raise the bar up again until the arms are fully extended. If there are no other special instructions, always perform full amplitude movements.

5. Press lying on an incline bench.

Lie on your back, on an incline bench. Raise your hands and grab the bar for the middle grip. Remove the bar from the rack and hold it directly above your head on fully extended arms. Lower the barbell to the top of the pectoral muscles, stop for a moment, then lift it up to its original position. When working on an inclined bench, it is extremely important to find the optimal position of the rod for yourself, otherwise it will go too far forward. It is good if during the period of mastering this exercise a partner insures you.

6. Press lying on a bench with his head tilted down.

Set the bench at an angle of 30-45 degrees. Take oxavar 50mg a prone position on the bench, put your feet under the rollers for stability. Take the neck with a grip a little wider than the shoulders and remove the bar from the racks. Inhale, hold your breath and slowly lower the barbell. At the lowest point the elbows should "watch" strictly to the sides. Immediately before touching the chest neck, push the barbell up with a powerful control force. When the bar is at the top of the amplitude, breathe out. Lowering and lifting are performed continuously, without pauses. At the top point, do not linger, immediately begin to lower the barbell.

7. Push Ups

Exercise perfectly develops the lower and outer areas of the pectoral muscles. Way to perform. Take a stand on straight arms on the uneven bars. Bend your legs at the knees and cross your ankles. Hold the chin in the chest and keep this position until the end of the exercise. Torso forward. If you leave it upright, the entire load will fall on the triceps. Bending your elbows, lower yourself as low as possible. Slowly return to the starting position.

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8. Push ups

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Put your feet together, and your arms a little wider than your shoulders and place your body in one line with your legs. Bending your arms, go down, touching the floor with your chest, but not your knees or stomach. Return to the starting position with a powerful movement.

Important: if you want to complicate your life – keep a second pause at the lowest point of pushups.

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