Diet for cystitis in women that can and can not

Diet for cystitis in women: what can and can not

Diet for cystitis in women: what can and can not

Cystitis is a very serious disease that is accompanied by frequent and painful urge to urinate. According to characteristic signs, pathology is divided into two forms: acute and chronic. The disease is treated with medicines and folk methods. To enhance the effectiveness of medicines, patients need to follow the principles of proper nutrition. The beautiful half of humanity is especially often subject to inflammation of the bladder. It is very important to begin treatment with the appearance of the first symptoms. In this article we will consider the question: what should be the diet for cystitis in women, as well as in men.

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  • Daily diet
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  • With chronic form
  • Drinking mode
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  • What products are prohibited
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    • The importance of proper nutrition for cystitis

      The most important task of the diet is to reduce the irritation of the walls of the bladder and help speed up the diuretic process. At the initial stage of the disease, diet treatment is the most important factor for a speedy recovery. If you apply all methods at the same time, the result will not take long.

      The first step is to limit salt turanabol tablets intake, and increase the amount of fluid you drink. With frequent visits to the toilet, the pathogens will be flushed out of the body. Food should not be spicy and fatty. Of course, you need to understand that in a few days, inflammation with one useful food cannot be cured. Such a diet must be observed throughout the entire recovery period.

      Daily diet

      Rejecting your favorite foods, do not be disheartened. With the right food set, food will be tasty and varied. The digestive system is so arranged that it can react differently to the same dishes. Therefore, individual nutritional adjustments are inevitable.

      Sample menu:

      1. Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole with honey, herbal tea with chamomile.
      2. The second breakfast: apple salad with carrots, compote.
      3. Lunch: vegetable soup with meatballs, buckwheat with chicken fillet, whole grain bread, berry juice.
      4. Lunch: liquid rice porridge and compote of dried fruit.
      5. Dinner: a glass of low-fat kefir.

      When an improvement occurs, you can add new products. Food should be fractional, between meals you must drink non-carbonated water and herbal teas. Instead of kefir, you can use ryazhenka or yogurt.

      In acute form

      Women with acute form of cramps and burning during urination. Urging frequent, and the allocation of scarce. To cure such a purulent-inflammatory process is very difficult, it is necessary to observe bed rest, take antibiotics and eat right. Treatment lasts at least 7 days. The diet during this period is aimed at cleansing and washing the urinary tract.

      Recommended nutrition for women with cystitis:

      1. Drink a day at least 2 liters of various drinks: water, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, decoctions and juices (except tomato).
      2. When kidney inflammation add kidney teas and fees.
      3. Introduce fresh vegetables into the diet: cucumbers, carrots, spinach and zucchini.
      4. Increase the amount of fruit: grapes, pomegranates, watermelons and melons.
      5. In moderate amounts add honey to drinks.
      6. Reduce in the diet of dairy products with a high content of calcium, as well as fatty. This is milk, cheese and cottage cheese.
      7. When improving, gradually add steamed fish and meat.

      Drinking non-carbonated water, preferably calcium chloride, it reduces the permeability of the walls of blood vessels, has a hemostatic effect and increases urinary excretion.

      Pumpkin juice, cranberry and cranberry juice – have an increased diuretic effect.

      With chronic form

      Treatment of chronic cystitis is much more difficult and longer than with the acute form. Therapy is aimed primarily at restoring the natural flow of urine. If there are additional foci of infection in the body (sore throat, tonsillitis), then antibacterial treatment is carried out according to a complex scheme. Chronic form has a tendency to seasonal exacerbation, so you need to constantly monitor nutrition.

      Diet for chronic cystitis involves eating foods made from natural products for a couple. It is important to take care of your health, move more, do not overcool, observe the drinking regime.

      Professional Tips:

      • do not eat spicy and pickled dishes, preservation;
      • limit fried foods;
      • reduce intake: onion, garlic, radishes and sorrel;
      • increase the amount of fresh fruit;
      • give preference to boiled and stewed food;
      • drink juices and fruit drinks daily;
      • monitor timely bowel movements.

      It is very important not to break the diet, strengthen your immunity and undergo preventive examinations.

      Drinking mode

      Compliance with the drinking regime is an important component in the treatment of inflammation of the kidneys and bladder. The bacteria that cause the infection are eliminated from the urinary system with urine (urine). To prevent stagnant processes and increase the amount of waste primobolan acetate fluid, you need to drink up to two liters of different drinks per day.

      If cystitis is accompanied by increased body temperature, then the volume drunk must be increased by 0.5 liters.

      List of recommended drinks:

      • fruit juices (except tomato, beet and citrus);
      • cranberry and lingonberry juice;
      • dried fruit compotes;
      • green tea;
      • herbal decoctions;
      • jelly;
      • drinking mineral water.

      Diet for cystitis in women that can and can not

      Sometimes you can afford to drink a cup of weak coffee or tea. When pregnancy is useful to drink decoctions of cornflower flowers. Also reception of tinctures from corn stigmas has a lasting effect, the daily dose will be 15-30 g.

      What can cystitis

      What can be eaten and drunk with cystitis is determined individually for each patient. Of course, there are general provisions and rules, but there can not be a diet for all the same. It is always necessary to keep a guide to your well-being and taste preferences.

      The general principles are:

      1. Soups cook in vegetable broth.
      2. Fill the dishes with sour cream, spices – do not add.
      3. Second courses are made from lean meat or chicken.
      4. Meat is better to boil or simmer.
      5. Stuffed cabbage cook without tomato sauce.
      6. Fish bake in the oven under the milk filling.
      7. Garnish boiled cereals and pasta.
      8. As desserts – cottage cheese and fruit casseroles.
      9. Eggs only boil.
      10. Vegetables eat fresh and stewed.
      11. Unsweetened fruit purees and jellies are also used as desserts.
      12. Compotes, fruit drinks and tinctures must be consumed.

      In the summer, it is useful to eat watermelons and melons, to drink drinks from fresh berries. In winter – boil the jelly and decoctions of the hips. Instead of sugar, use honey.

      What products are prohibited

      Connoisseurs of fatty and spicy food will have to give up their favorite foods in favor of maintaining their health. During the disease it is important not to increase the irritation of the bladder membrane, but, on the contrary, to try by all available methods to reduce the adverse effects on the urogenital system. Even after recovery, it is recommended for some time to adhere to a certain diet in the diet.

      Consider what you can not eat with cystitis:

      • smoked meat;
      • pickles;
      • fatty foods;
      • salty;
      • too sweet;
      • alcoholic beverages;
      • foods high in calcium;
      • mushroom broths;
      • semi-finished products;
      • spice.

      Regarding the use of honey, modern medicine has not come to a unanimous opinion, therefore, it should be added in moderation. Dairy products are allowed in the diet, but with a restriction on fat.


      Compliance with the rules of a special diet can significantly increase the effectiveness of medication and speed up the healing process. Useful food will help prevent the growth of bacteria, reduce intoxication, prevent the formation of constipation and avoid excessive irritation of the mucous membrane of the bladder.

      Urine is 99% water, so it is very important to use an increased amount of drinks during an exacerbation. Particular attention should be paid to decoctions with antiseptic properties.

      Basic dietary parabol steroid guidelines:

      • diuretic;
      • low salt;
      • low protein;
      • fat free

      These principles correspond to the diet number 7.

      For women

      With cystitis, women experience very powerful pain. To alleviate the suffering, it is necessary to immediately begin a comprehensive treatment.

      What should be done first:

      • bed rest;
      • warming up the perineum;
      • taking medicines;
      • rejection of harmful products;
      • dietary compliance;
      • drink plenty of water.

      If the patient starts to follow these recommendations and eat properly, then her condition will quickly improve. From the diet immediately need to eliminate foods that are irritants. It is very important to prevent their negative effects on the urogenital system. This is the most important rule of the diet for female cystitis.

      Approximate two-day diet for women:

      1. First breakfast: a salad of sour cream and boiled beets or low-fat cottage cheese with a small amount of sugar, bread, unsweetened tea.
      2. Second breakfast: steam omelette or viscous buckwheat cereal, pumpkin juice.
      3. Lunch: soup without meat and sautéing (vegetarian) with sour cream or vegetable puree soup, boiled chicken meat with buckwheat, dried fruit compote or fruit juice.
      4. Rice casserole with raisins or steam cabbage rolls, jelly.

      If you can not refuse onion alcohol bodybuilding, then it must first be boiled, and then lightly fry. Mood, serving as a dessert, will help carrots, grated on a fine grater with the addition of honey.

      For men

      The necessary methods of therapy are prescribed by the attending physician after diagnosis. To the medication is added plenty of drink and proper nutrition. The diet should be gentle, help reduce the inflammatory process and alleviate the general condition of the patient.

      Power mode should include:

      • sufficient drinking;
      • foods with an increased diuretic effect;
      • bran and whole grain bread;
      • low-fat dairy products.

      At elevated temperatures, you must comply with bed rest, take medication on time and stop smoking.

      Limit or opt out of:

      • alcohol;
      • fast food;
      • pickles;
      • fried and fatty foods.

      For men, food should be more calorie than for women. This is due to the large energy consumption in the male body.

      A sample list of dishes for two days:

      1. Breakfast: two boiled eggs (poached) or low-fat non-acid cottage cheese, cheese, butter, bread, honey, tea with milk.
      2. Second breakfast: boiled chicken, veal or oatmeal, rye bread, juice from non-acidic fruits and berries.
      3. Lunch: vegetarian soup or soup of potatoes, carrots and different varieties of cabbage, steamed fish, fish or meat meatballs with buckwheat or stewed vegetables, bread, stewed fruit.
      4. Lunch: jelly with breadcrumbs or unsalted low-fat biscuits.
      5. Dinner: a casserole of rice or cottage cheese, tea with honey.

      Fish and meat can be baked in the oven. In order not to feel the feeling of hunger, fractional feeding is allowed. It is forbidden to drink very cold drinks and dishes.


      This video describes the diet for chronic cystitis.

      This video is dedicated to proper nutrition in diseases of the genitourinary system.

      From this video, recommendations are given for treating chronic cystitis.

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