exercises for the back for girls: the best complexes

Here you will find different variations of exercises for the back muscles for women. Training at home, training without burdens, classes in the gym. You will learn why it is so important to train your back and how to do it correctly.

The back is one of the most important parts of the body. The lack of daily warm-up muscles in this area can lead to discomfort and pain. Trained back means:

Strong spine and graceful posture, which is the most important attribute of female attractiveness.

The upper and lower parts of the body become more proportional due to the worked back (if suddenly you naturally have buttocks and thighs visually more than your chest). In addition, there is a visual decrease in the waist.

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Normalization of digestion and beneficial effects on the work of the lungs.

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Willingness to fully train the legs, because in working out their backs are very powerful. Therefore, the spinal muscles should be in good shape.

Burning more calories than before. Since the muscles of the back are a large muscular group, pumping them up causes more fat to be burned.

Exercise in the gym is not available to everyone. This takes more time, and most importantly involves often considerable financial costs.

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To help you can come mat, dumbbells, fitness ball. This minimum set will help to train at home with no less effect. You will see that with the minimum amount of time and money you can achieve the desired result. The main thing is your strong desire to change for the better.

Well, for those girls who want to develop their back muscles more quickly – the road is only to the gym (well, as usual …). There is an opportunity to pump back on all kinds of specialized simulators. About this below …

back muscle exercises The best exercises for the back own research

Features of female back training For women, there are a number of conditions that must be taken into account when pumping the muscles of your back. That is what they are:

In the training program must be present hyperextension. Although this is not a rule of course, but very desirable. You can perform on the floor at home or on a special simulator. If you use additional weight in the future, then no more than 5 kg is recommended.

Women need to strive to use basic exercises to work the back, multi-joint. These include thrust blocks on the simulator, pull-ups, thrust dumbbells and barbells to the belt.

Training should be multi-repetitive. A minimum of 12-15 reps in the approach. This will provide relief work and make your back more contoured.

Exercises such as deadlift (one of the most basic for the back) and deadlift need to be done without fanaticism, since these exercises nurture muscles well and you can lose a thin waist. In this case, it will prevent cost of viagra you from maintaining a feminine silhouette.

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After each strength approach, it is recommended that you stretch your back. For example, take a sitting position. Cross your legs, arms back. Turn left and right. Try to turn around to the maximum point. Or you can just bend over, put your hands on your knees and bend your back for 10-20 seconds.


Exercises without burdens In any case the first stage is important, laying the foundation for everything. So it’s in back training. Do not immediately start with heavy techniques, using weighting. So you can overdo it and greatly harm itself. Consider how you can do without the burdens and simulators in general:

Lie down on your stomach. Extend your arms forward along the body. Try to raise straight arms and legs up to the maximum height. This exercise is also called “superman.”

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Now bend your knees and, raising the torso, try to touch your head with your toes. At the same time head back.

Stay on the floor. Cross your arms, put your face on them. Gradually lift the legs – the legs, and then the hips. The complexity of this exercise is greater than in previous ones, so do not despair when not everything can happen the first time.

back muscle exercises back exercises for girls are the best complexes

Hyperextensions – for this exercise, you will need either a special bench, or someone’s help to fix your legs. If you exercise at home, then after fixing your legs they will be parallel to the floor. Cross your arms over your chest or put them behind your head and slowly bend down to the floor, then slowly and steadily rise to the starting position.

Use the ball for fitness. This complex perfectly strengthens the spine, forms the correct posture. For an effective workout with a fitball, do the following: lie down on your belly with the ball, and your legs should rest as much as possible against the wall. Raise and lower the torso. To increase the load, lift your legs higher. Exercise contributes to the training of the lower back, buttocks and thighs.

I also advise you to see the video below, in which additional super-exercises Anabolic Steroids for Sale are clearly shown lying on the floor without any projectiles. I tried to perform them and confidently say that they are very tightly straining their backs and if you will diligently carry them out – you will have a beautiful back 100%. For girls, it’s all about it.

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Training with dumbbells at home Let’s consider examples of the most common and effective exercises with dumbbells for home exercises:

ATTENTION: all these exercises you can perform 3-4 sets of approximately 15 repetitions.

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1) TILTING FORWARDS WITH DUMBBELLS. Here not only spinal muscles will be involved, but also legs, buttocks. To do this, you need to be straight, taking the dumbbells, bring down the shoulder blades. Trying to maintain this position, bend over. You need to do the movement while inhaling, and as you exhale ascend. Try not to tear the heels off the floor.

2) TILTING POSTERS FORWARD AND FACE. Take the dumbbell in your right hand and feed it slightly forward in front of you so that it will be at your lower abdomen. Bend over your left leg and at the same time you can slightly bend your knees, but not much. Try not to bend forward with your back.

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3) “Pullover”. Take one dumbbell with 2 hands and take a prone position on the shoulder blades on some support. Hold the projectile in front of you on outstretched arms, slightly bent at the elbows. Then get the dumbbell behind your head as far as you can and smoothly return it to its original position. Here you will perfectly pump through the bottom of the broadest muscles, lumbar and intercostal muscles.

4) DRAWN OF DUMBBELLS IN TILT. This is a complex technique that can activate all the muscles of the back. Stand up straight, hold the weighting agent in your hands, try to reduce the blades and maintain this position. Bend over 50-60˚ and begin Everything you need to know to get a healthy sleep to pull the burden to the belt. Pull up your elbows. Watch your breath. In the execution of this exercise, the main thing is to use the muscles of the back and feel them. You will powerfully work almost all the muscles of the back and especially the broadest.

5) TRUNK HANTE ONE HAND ON TILT. For an emphasis use a bench, a sofa or a chair. With one hand and the same knee you lean on the bench, with the other hand you lift the dumbbell. Do not make sudden movements, lower the hand smoothly and slowly. At the highest point of the ascent, when the projectile is at the level of your chest, try to drive the working blade as far as possible by turning the body.

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